You’re so bogged down with day-to-day issues you’re failing to see future opportunities for new tech, new markets, and new revenue. 


Becoming a Member of WildeSpark's Jumpstart Idea Lab!

A comprehensive way to identify the game-changing opportunities you and your organization can uncover by employing a completely new model of thinking, planning, innovating, and taking action.

Get strategically aligned ideas to improve revenue

Receive custom market insight and trend analysis 

Leverage the latest technology and University IP 

Improve customer and employee engagement

Spot opportunity and react faster than the competition.

Drive innovation with lower risk and higher certainty.

Want to speed up innovation? Solve bottlenecks that are killing your efficiency? Leverage new technologies to provide more value to your customers? Now you can protect your future without the costs of your own R&D department?

The Jumpstart Idea Lab allows you to shape your future – before your competition does it for you.

Get Strategically Aligned Ideas Each month you receive researched and aligned opportunities based on your input, capabilities, and market objectives.

Leverage Disruptive Technology Discover ways to incorporate new technologies such as AI, 3D printing, IoT, VR/AR, robotics, and machine learning. 

Take Advantage of University IP Review intellectual property available for license from colleges and universities that offers the highest market potential. 


Improve Sales/Marketing Results Increase ROI through ideas for marketing initiatives that leverage trends, data, AI, and improve the customer experience

Engage and Retain Employees Reduce turnover and increase engagement through opportunities that will dramatically improve your culture.

Increase Efficiency Uncover ways to eliminate bottlenecks and improve efficiency in key areas of your organization.

Why it works and why you'll loved it

Innovation professionals research new market, technology, and process opportunities specific to your strategic goals.

Imagine having a team of top certified innovation professionals, technology experts, and marketing strategists working to solve your biggest challenges and make you more competitive. But instead of having them on staff you can access their best insights for a low monthly rate. That's the genius behind the Jumpstart Idea Lab. 

- KE Wilde

Diverse backgrounds lead to diverse ideas Some of the greatest ideas come from experts outside of your field with diverse industry backgrounds. Our team brings a fresh viewpoint drawing from a wide variety of experience. 

Solutions are scored After evaluating and selecting the top ideas we create an opportunity analysis score and only present ideas to your organization that score above 80%. The score is based on strategic alignment with your goals, SWOT analysis, trend alignment, and market impact.

Dramatically reduces risk and cost Exploring and researching new market opportunities can distract your team from the work they need to do and waste a lot of valuable time and resources. With our access to the latest trends and technologies, we can provide solutions your team may never have discovered. 

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